Terms you should know.

Do you know what I'm saying? Here's a Clue

ASD: autism spectrum disorder. A group of disorders that is grouped together. This group includes Aspergers and Autistics.

Derp: a person who is being ignorant or stupid.  This phrase can be used interchangeably with Der and Durr “the derp is strong with this one.”

Hippie U: the college NNT attended/attends. It is full of stinky hippies, obnoxious hipsters and other woodland creates. NNT Babysits is Residential Advisor for baby hippies freshmen.

Hir: pronounced “here” it is a gender neutral pronoun used in place of his/her.

LGBTQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. This is a community of people who is known to be friendly to NNT.

NNT: Non-neurotypical. A catch all phrase used by the author to denote those people whose brains work differently than the general population.

NT: neuro-typical. A phrase used to denote those whose brain functions well enough to allow them to be successful in the world.

School for Wierdos: the second high school I attended. It is a small charter school full of weirdos.It was attended by the Tall Boys.

Socially Acceptable: the spectrum of rules that governs most social interactions. If a behavior is within the acceptable parameters then it is considered Socially Acceptable.

Socially Unacceptable: the behaviors that fall on the outsides of Socially Acceptable. They are considered weird, inappropriate or rude.

The Great White North: aka the great state of Alaska. Home of former Governor Palin and some really backwards educators. It’s also the biggest city that I’ve ever lived in.

The Weirdness: behaviors often associated with being NNT. Often, these behaviors fall outside the Socially Acceptable spectrum. This is a very general term that can refer to a hatred of tags or hand flapping.

To high five someone’s face: People who deserve to be smacked upside the head but due to the Social Unacceptability of that activity get an imaginary high five to the face.

Weird Social Thing: the acts, including facial expressions and body language that NT's find totally useful/needed to function in everyday society that most NNT's don't use/need to communicate.
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