About My Life

The Family
NNT's have super powers. I slay Vampires

NNT is a young adult who was diagnosed at the age of 6 with a learning disability/ being non-neurotypical . She grew up in the Southwest before moving to the Great White North at the age of 11. She went to regular jail public school until She was in third grade. After that, The Matriarch decided it would be best for our collective sanity if NNT and SeaStar were home schooled. When NNT started middle school The Matriarch decided that it was time for her to be socialized. She sent her oldest daughter to a private school for other kids who were also NNT. Then the school folded and NNT and her sister SeaStar went to a weird alternative High School for Weirdos.  NNT totally graduated high school with honors and now is about to finish her BA at Hippie U.  She writes this blog.

I can kill you with my brain

SeaStar is also NNT. When we were homeschooled she was the only one who could stand to be around me for long periods of time. She does theatre and sings. She went to Public Middle School  Battle Royale and then went to the NNT school with me before we both went to the School for Weirdos. Now she is super successful at her tiny college which is also full of hippies.

Bunky has superpowers even though she's NT

The family baby, a decade younger than NNT. She is NT, which rocks socks to no end. She is a super tennis player and dancer. She also knows how to play piano and can do math. One day she can help NNT SeaStar with math homework. She rocks out at the Smart Kids School where she dominates everyone with the awesome power of her brain. She loves dogs, especially her dog, Lola. She also wins at Wii sports.

In the future, mom saves the entire human race
The Matriarch:
The mom, the boss, the mamma bear, the champion of her brood, the thorn in the side of every school official on the west coast. Before she had kids who required her constant attention she was a successful dentist.  Then she had NNT who terrorized every babysitter because she wouldn’t sleep, so she quit her job to help raise NNT, SeaStar and Bunky. By day she was a mild mannered mom who bothered the school district to get their stuff together and educate her kids. By night she became a superhero who spent about 40 hours a week helping NNT and Seastar to finish homework. 

Defender of the universe: Dad.
Dr. Capt. Daddy:
Dr. Capt. Daddy is a dentist. He worked for the United States Public Health Service . This caused two things: our family to move around a lot, it also meant he had a uniform. When The Matriarch got tired of fighting with the school district, Dr. Capt. Daddy would show up in his shiny uniform and people would totally listen him. He retired from the USPHS this year. Growing up he was successful despite being completely NNT.  Now, he runs marathons and half marathons when he isn’t fixing peoples teeth. 

The Good Guys
Carries a Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B
Movie is NNT's best friend in college. He is NNT. During high school he watched movies all the time and can beat everyone at 7 degrees of separation. He can name the make, model, year and any modifications made to any gun in any film.In high school he did debate and thought about new ways to annoy his teachers. Once, he helped to put a giant paper crane in the school's courtyard. He didn’t do super well in school but had some of the highest test scores in the state. This frustrated his teachers, who thought he was a slacker. 

Does magic
One of NNT friends from Hippie U. Is a NT but doesn’t like things that involve balls. Also doesn’t like outside things. Often she helps NNT and Movie get it right socially. In college she has studied 5 languages and speaks conversational Mandarin. A super patient person.

The Tall Boys
The Tall Boys all went to the School for Weirdos.  All of them are between 6”1’ and 6’4” Most of them drink. A lot. They grew up together. Most of them are probably NNT. The ones that are NT are socially awkward. Because they are socially awkward, they are more tolerant of NNT's weirdness.

The Bad Guys

part man, part robot, part monster
My first college professor. He left 7 students behind on a school field trip. He couldn’t plan to save his life. He tried to take school credit away from NNT, which lead her to cry in the deans office.She got the credit back, but he was not happy about it. He wrote her a really bad evaluation.

Vice Principal:   
The vice principal for the School for Wierdos. A truly horrendous human being. She told NNT and SeaStar to their faces that we didn’t have learning disabilities because they had good grades. From that point on she made it almost impossible to get the accommodations. Also she dressed like a 17. Which would have been fine, except she wasn't 17.
Ms. B
Kindergarten teacher. She was awful. NNT once had to stay inside during an entire recess because she couldn’t color inside the lines. When she finished the coloring project for the 3 time, she let NNT out just as everyone else was lining up to come in. Often she would send NNT out to the hall where she would spend the rest of the day by myself. Which was fine, it was silent in the hallway.

Ms V:
Third grade teacher, she spent more time on her nails than she did teaching.  She had these massive acrylic talons. Not that she could teach. Sometimes, she would try and keep NNT from going to the special ed classroom which is where she was supposed to go if she felt overwhelmed. She is the last teacher before The Matriarch decided it would be best if everyone in her family were homeschooled.

I've also met ignorant people who voted Obama.
 The Ignorant Masses:
They are pretty much everywhere, and they don't know anything about what it means to be NNT. They say ignorant, hurtful things. Sometimes, they can be educated. Sometimes, they cannot.
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